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A summary of the main informations for the year 2012 in regards to your Pension Plan is now available in the section "Your documents" of the User Menu, under the "Main Informations Summary" category.


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Welcome on InfoPension!


To enjoy your retirement, start planning now…

 Laurentian Bank of Canada is committed to assist you in this process, throughout your career at the Bank, and thus to contribute to the attainment of your objectives…

 … Have you thought about your income replacement objectives that would allow you to fully enjoy your retirement years? Whatever your age, you are the only one to answer this question!

Make the most of the support offered by the Bank:

  • An array of made-to-measure pension plans designed in close collaboration with experts in the field. There is one that’s right for you. Learn more!
  • Information, training and retirement planning help right at your fingertips, with the expert support from internal and external advisors. Make educated decisions!

Designed with you in mind, the new website adds to the existing range of information tools. Its goal is to provide information on various retirement-related subjects, as well as to direct you towards other sources of pertinent information.

Retirement planning is an important task… the Bank is well aware of it.  And you?

 Have you given it a thought? Now, dare take action!

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